NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE defines CSR as in playing a positive role to the society. NRE aspires to strengthen Japan by serving to the local environment and local community where NRE operates its solar power generation.

1.NRE Solar School (Solar System Donation Project)


NRE plans to provide small scaled solar panels (10kW) in regional public schools where NRE owns a project.
NRE will install a solar power monitoring system in the school’s library, so students can freely expose themselves to an environment where they can learn and appreciate the mechanism and effect of solar power. In addition, NRE will offer study programs hosted by our professional staffs so the students can learn about how solar generation works as well as how the generation facilities are designed.
In the first CSR year, NRE has focused on installing solar panels in junior high schools in Aomori prefecture, and donated a 10kW solar generation system to the Shichinohe Junior High School in January 2016.