NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE defines CSR as in playing a positive role to the society. NRE aspires to strengthen Japan by serving to the local environment and local community where NRE operates its solar power generation.

4.Japan Intercollegiate Skiing Games


As a special sponsor, NRE donated racing bibs for the Chichibunomiya Cup 89th Intercollegiate Skiing Games. This competition will be held for a week starting from February 24, 2016 at Hanawa ski area in Akita prefecture. University students will compete in alpine, cross-country and jumping events under the slogan “friendship, courtesy, and progression”. This competition originates from the legacy that his imperial highness prince Chichibunomiya built a world-class jumping hill in those times with the belief that “Sports will bring a healthy body and soul to our youth, which will lead to the well-being of the nation”.
NRE believes that promotion of clean energy sources that produces minimal greenhouse gas will contribute to the prevention of global warming. NRE supports the Games with the belief that its corporate activities can contribute to sustaining a world where everyone can continue to enjoy winter sports.