NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE’s Involvement in CSR

NRE defines CSR as in playing a positive role to the society. NRE aspires to strengthen Japan by serving to the local environment and local community where NRE operates its solar power generation.

3.Great Forest Wall Project


NRE supports the “Great Forest Wall Project” which is an initiative to create a “Forest that Protects Life” around the coastal area that had been affected by the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. The project aims to build an approximately 5 meter high embankment along the northeastern coast of Japan from Aomori Prefecture to Fukushima Prefecture using a mixture of soil and debris from the disaster, and over 25,000 volunteers and local residents have planted pots of evergreen broadleaf trees that are indigenous to the area such as castanopsis, machilus, and oak. As of December 2015, over 200,000 trees have been planted in Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture since its launch in July 2012.

NRE has been supporting this project through a donation since 2014. NRE is also considering its employees’ participation in the tree-planting ceremony.